Western Mass Pruning,LLC

Western Mass Pruning, LLC is an outreach service of Kielbasa Orchards, LLC in Hadley, MA.  Our family orchards were planted by our grandfather Stanley and his brother Frank in the early 1970's.  It took our family two generations to establish our farms. Fruit growing has become the family trade, and with the help of our family and friends we are dedicated to keeping the tradition going. For us, farming is more than just a job, it’s a way of life.  Although harvest is our busiest time, the fruit trees need attention year round.  We have two small orchards right on the Hadley/Amherst line.  In Hadley we have our U-Pick orchard, and up on the hill in Amherst we have our little wholesale orchard from which we sell fruit locally.  When you work with us, you are indeed supporting local agriculture.

We specialize in fruit tree pruning in Amherst and surrounding towns.  

Our Roots

Western Mass Pruning, LLC is owned and operated by fourth generation fruit growers in Hadley/Amherst, MA.  Our great grandfather immigrated to the Pioneer Valley from Poland. He settled in South Amherst and worked on the farms in the area. Many of the old apple trees in and around Hampshire College were grafted and planted by him. Our grandfather Stanley worked as a commercial grower and eventually planted his own fruit trees. We grew up working on these orchards. We have drawn on generations of experience when developing our own knowledge of the trade.  We are passionate about keeping the farm going and are now providing farm-related services to our community. 

​We approach trees and plants with an eye for the details and an appreciation of the big picture.  We are committed to understanding your goals and expectations.  We partner with you to decide the best course of action that fits with your goals and budget.

When we approach a pruning job we consider:

  • plant nutrition
  • water and sunlight access
  • soil condition
  • root health
  • pest & disease pressure 
  • desired size and shape of tree
  • dead wood
  • tree root stock vigor
  • fruit bud count (to  maximize fruit)​

Our Work

Our Farm

Phone: 413-455-6687 

Fruit tree pruning in Northampton and surrounding towns.